HowTo: Register

BiblePaths.Net relies on a few popular social login providers for authentication. We do this in order to ensure as many are able to use this service as possible while allowing us to avoid having to store or manage password or other profile information. This also allows you to avoid having to remember yet another password.

After logging in for the first time you will be asked to register using your email address. You will need to provide a unique email address, we encourage you to use a valid email address just in case we need to get ahold of you. This Email Address is the only piece of information we store about you and it is used to ensure you retain access to any Bible Paths, Quizzes etc. that you might decide to create.

This is the new BiblePaths if you had already registered with the previous version you will be asked to register again. Note though that as long as you register your same Email Address you will retain access to any items you created.

For more informaiton see our Privacy Policy.